About us

The Foundation was established on the initiative of legal advisors Pawel Jozwiak and Marta Lemanska, who together run the Legal Advisors’ Office.

It was a natural step for the law firm to expand its activities on behalf of socially excluded people, which resulted in the establishment of the Foundation. The two founders have extensive experience in activities for the needy and the third sector.

LUMUS Foundation is one of the largest counseling organizations in the Pomeranian region.

Although we originate from Gdansk and our headquarters are located here, we currently operate in 5 provinces – Opole, Lower Silesia, Kuyavia-Pomerania, West Pomerania and Pomerania. We carry out our activities at 11 permanent counseling centers and at mobile points set up as needs and opportunities arise. We operate 5 Post-Penitentiary Assistance Centers – in Gdansk, Bydgoszcz, Wloclawek, Opole and Wroclaw – as well as 6 centers for assistance to victims of crime in Slupsk, Lebork, Bytow, Miastko, Chojnice and Człuchow.

We operate the Center for Economic Security in Bydgoszcz and senior citizen activation points in municipalities in the Pomeranian and West Pomeranian Voivodeships. Each center is staffed by our specialists – first responders, legal counselors and attorneys, psychologists and therapists, career counselors and educators. In total, our nationwide team includes more than 60 specialists providing counseling and a 6-person administrative support team, however, more than 458 specialists from 13 provinces are affiliated with the foundation.

Foundation in numbers

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What are the main goals of the foundation?

The main goal of our Foundation is to provide support in various areas of life – from psychological and legal support to professional and social assistance – to people at risk of social exclusion or affected by various difficulties, in particular:

  1. Supporting broad social groups and individuals affected by or at risk of social exclusion, such as:
  1. Protecting consumer rights, promoting knowledge and education about consumer rights, and supporting consumers affected by illegal practices;
  2. Protecting the public and promoting legal education;
  3. Prevention of mental and physical health, promotion of healthy lifestyles and knowledge in this area, and support for people affected by mental or physical problems;
  4. Counteracting social pathologies and social exclusion;
  5. Development, creation and implementation of rules, processes, instructions, documents, including legal documents (programs, analyses, recommendations) in the area of protection of citizens in every area of their lives;
  6. Initiating, supporting and implementing innovative solutions in the protection of human and civil rights and freedoms, especially of minority social groups;
  7. Initiating, supporting and implementing modern digital technologies, especially using the Internet, in the activities of civil society, the third sector and entrepreneurs;
  8. To promote, disseminate, develop and strengthen civic and social attitudes aimed at active participation in the development of civil society, small local communities and co-determination of Poland and Poles.
We achieve our goals through consultation, guidance and counseling activities (psychological, psychotherapeutic, therapeutic, legal, vocational, social, social, mediation, other specialized), education, research, training, publishing, promotion, marketing and other services necessary to achieve the objectives.


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Our two main forms of assistance is legal and psychological counseling

Legal aid

We offer explanations of legal regulations and their application in individual cases. We are engaged in the preparation of documents, applications or opinions that affect the resolution of individual cases. Legal aid does not include representation before the courts, but we support in the process of obtaining a lawyer from the court.

Psychological assistance

Our assistance focuses on listening to the needs of people in difficult life situations, providing support for their emotional well-being and helping them find solutions. We diagnose problems, identify crisis situations and work on an action plan to effectively manage crises. We provide support tailored to the individual needs of individuals and families.

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