This initiative to support families who have experienced violence. We strive to surround them with care and assistance, offering access to specialists who can help both adults and children regain peace and security. As part of the project, psychologists and therapists work with families to help them work through difficult experiences and learn how to build healthy relationships in the future. Our goal is to provide families with a safe space for conversation and support, and to offer practical tools for coping with their new life situation. Our activities are more than a project – they are a space where everyone can find support, understanding and a path to a better tomorrow.

Families experiencing domestic violence face difficulties on many levels of life. Mentally, they may feel lost, frightened and alone, struggling with anxiety and insecurity. From a legal standpoint, they often don’t know what steps to take to effectively protect themselves and their loved ones, and fear of the consequences can keep them from seeking help. On a pedagogical level, children from such families may have problems at school, difficulty forming relationships with peers and reduced academic performance, a direct reflection of the trauma they experience at home. Socially, these families may experience stigma and isolation, which only exacerbates their plight, making it difficult to find a way out of a violent environment. The help offered by the foundation becomes not only a support for them, but often their only hope for change.

Who are we targeting?

Our activities are directed to families, mothers, fathers, children, grandmothers and grandfathers who are victims of domestic violence, whether from a loved one or from unrelated people but with whom they live together. Any form of violence (physical, psychological, financial, economic or emotional) qualifies you to participate in the project and receive our assistance. There are no restrictions on when this violence occurred.

Forms of assistance

  • Psychological support: Access to psychologists and therapists offering individual and group therapy sessions to help family members process experiences of violence and rebuild a sense of security.
  • legal counseling: Providing information on the rights of domestic violence victims and support in legal processes, including obtaining protective orders and advice on divorce or child custody.
  • Pedagogical assistance for children: Organizing classes to support the emotional and educational development of children from families experiencing violence, including art therapy, learning support classes and support groups.
  • educational programs: Conducting workshops and trainings to raise public awareness of domestic violence, its effects and available forms of assistance. – temporary housing: Provide safe shelters for victims of domestic violence where they can find temporary housing with access to support services.
  • Social support: Create support networks around families experiencing violence, including self-help groups that offer a space for sharing experiences and mutual support.



Indicator namePlanned level to be achieved in 2024
Number of people assisted45
Number of hours of psychological support157
Number of hours of legal counseling90

Project contact


Natalia Paluszkiewicz

ul. Kręta 6, 89-600 Chojnice

Aleksandra Duszak

ul. Jana Pawła II 1 Lok 633, 635, 76-200 Słupsk


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Realized in previous years

In 2022 we implemented a project to help families experiencing domestic violence, co-financed by the City of Slupsk.


Indicator name2022
Number of people assisted83
Number of hours of psychological support392
Number of hours of legal counseling200

Everyone deserves a chance

Project co-financed with funds from
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