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The support we provide to people with disabilities through the foundation is primarily education and counseling. Our activities are aimed at improving the daily lives of OzNs but also the understanding of these people by local communities. We strive for equal opportunities for all and for social integration. It is also important to provide supporting tools and technologies, such as specialized hardware or software to facilitate communication and learning. Access to the labor market through appropriate support programs and adaptation of the work environment to the needs of people with disabilities also plays a key role. It is also significant to provide psychological and social support to help break down isolation and build self-confidence and independence. In turn, educating the public to accept and understand disability contributes to building a more inclusive world.

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People with disabilities face daily challenges that hinder their full participation in society. Architectural barriers, limited access to education, employment and health care are just some of the problems they face. Added to this is a sense of social isolation and the financial burden of specialized needs. Lack of access to information in accessible formats further complicates communication and access to services. Therefore, it is important that we all strive to build a more inclusive environment that enables people with disabilities to live active and fulfilling lives.

Who are we targeting?

Our activities are aimed at 3 categories of recipients:

  • people with disabilities,
  • families of people with disabilities;
  • local communities.

Forms of assistance

The educational social campaign for people with disabilities consists of a dynamic set of activities to raise awareness and promote inclusion. Here are its key elements:

  • Educational films (spots): A series of short, moving films were produced to shed light on the lives of people with disabilities, showing their daily experiences, challenges and achievements. These spots, available on social media, television and in movie theaters, offer a strong, direct message that changes perceptions and encourages action.
  • Podcasts with experts and People with Disabilities (OzN): A series of podcasts has been launched in which experts in various fields and People with Disabilities themselves share their knowledge and experiences. These talks delve into the topics of accessibility, rights, assistive technology, education and inclusion, providing listeners with valuable insights and inspiration.
  • Training and educational workshops: The campaign also includes the organization of training courses and workshops aimed at a wide range of audiences – from the education sector to business to government offices and organizations. Led by experts and People with Disabilities, this workshop aims to build awareness and skills to support the creation of a more open and accessible environment for all.

Through its diverse activities, the campaign effectively contributes to changing social attitudes toward people with disabilities, promoting values such as equality, acceptance and support. It shows that the inclusion of people with disabilities in the fullness of society enriches the entire community, emphasizing that everyone is entitled to equal opportunities and full participation in society.

Project contact

For more information, call …. Or by writing to: [email protected]


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Realized in previous years

In 2022, we implemented the Pomeranian Samosia Club project with funds from PFRON, managed by the Office of the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship. Our activities consisted of running 3 information and counseling points in Gdansk, Slupsk and Chojnice where we provided legal, psychological and informational assistance.


Indicator name2022
Number of OzN supported68
Number of hours of legal counseling 403
Number of hours of psychological consultations 400

Everyone deserves a chance

The project is co-financed by the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities, in the part managed by the Office of the Marshal of Pomorskie Voivodeship.
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