Post-penitentiary assistance

The post-penitentiary assistance project is aimed at people who leave prisons and detention centers, those incarcerated in them, and their families. Its main goal is to support reintegration into society and facilitate a return to life outside the prison walls. We offer a wide range of assistance, including career counseling, job search support, assistance in dealing with official matters and access to legal advice. We also provide the psychological support necessary to work through the experience of serving a sentence and adapt to a new reality. For families of people leaving prisons, we have an offer of support in finding their way after a family member is incarcerated and coping with the challenges that this period brings. Our goal is to help create a stable foundation for a new chapter in life, both for those leaving prison and their families, so that everyone can enjoy the fullness of freedom and opportunity that lies ahead.

In Poland, about 7,000 people leave prisons and detention centers each month, facing the challenge of reintegration into society. These individuals often face difficulties in finding jobs and housing, due to both the lack of appropriate professional qualifications and the social stigma associated with serving a sentence. In addition, problems with adapting to a changed reality, rebuilding family and social relationships, and accessing health services and psychological support are challenges they face. Facing these obstacles is key to preventing recidivism and building a stable life after leaving prison. Post-penitentiary support, including reintegration programs, job placement support, access to counseling and therapy, is therefore essential to enable these individuals to successfully re-enter society and ensure that they can build a positive future.

Who are we targeting?

Our activities target 3 groups of people:

  • people who have just left prisons or detention centers – in this case, we provide assistance for only 3 months from the date of release!
  • Families of people who have just been incarcerated in a penitentiary or detention center – in this case, we provide assistance for a period of 3 months from the date of the convict’s incarceration;
  • Persons incarcerated in prisons or detention centers;

Forms of assistance

  • covering the cost of temporary housing or providing shelter in a center for the homeless,
  • Organizing and financing legal counseling,
  • Organizing and financing labor activation,
  • Organizing and financing training and courses to improve professional skills and covering the costs of examinations to confirm professional qualifications,
  • Organizing and financing programs to improve social competence to counter criminogenic factors, especially aggression and violence, including domestic violence, and addiction problems,
  • covering costs related to specialized medical treatment or medical rehabilitation,
  • covering costs associated with organizing and providing in-kind assistance in the form of food vouchers,
  • covering the costs associated with organizing and providing in-kind assistance in the form of clothing, underwear, footwear, cleaning and personal hygiene products or gift certificates. – covering costs related to the organization and provision of in-kind assistance in the form of public transportation tickets;
  • covering costs related to the organization and provision of in-kind assistance in the form of medical devices, including prostheses, orthopedic items and aids.

In addition, our activities are also directed to Social Welfare Centers for the benefit of which we will carry out activities in the field of promoting and supporting initiatives and undertakings for the effective readaptation of convicts, educational and informational activities, organizing and conducting training, organizing and commissioning scientific research on the situation of convicts.


Indicator namePlanned level to be achieved at the end of 2025
Number of persons assisted after leaving the penitentiary unit590
Number of inmates assisted560
Number of hours of career counseling3300
Number of hours of psychological support 4130
Amount of material support providedPLN 505,335.00

Project contact


Monika Raniewicz

ul. Długa 66 C lok. 6, 53-633 Wrocław

pon. 10:00–18:00
wt. 8:30–16:30
czw. 8:30–16:30


Mariusz Pawlita

ul. Niemodlińska 79/19, 46-020 Opole

śr. 10:00–18:00
pt. 9:00–17:00


Mariusz Śnieżewski

ul. Wysoka 15B, 87-800 Włocławek

pon. 8:30–16:30
wt. 8:30–16:30
czw. 10:00–18:00


Paweł Heise

ul. Polanka 9, 85-085 Bydgoszcz

pon. 10.00–18.00
śr. 10.00–18.00


Piotr Morze

ul. Grunwaldzka 76/78, 80-244 Gdańsk

pon. 10:00–18:00
czw. 9:00–17:00



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